Salton Sea

Written by J. E. Baron
Wednesday, 16 June 2010 17:50
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Bombay Beach, California was a resort town built  in the 1950's on the eastern shore of the Salton Sea. Once a thriving destination, lack of freshwater and industrial pollution has turned it into the town it is today. (source)

Gritty scenes of decrepit trailers and remnants of massive fish die-offs contrast the beautiful sunset over an expansive inland sea. These images are a series of diptychs that show the dual reality of of a beautiful, toxic body of water and the communities that struggle to survive on its shoreline.

01  Bombay Beach
01  Bombay Beach
01 sal sea trailer- fish
03  salton sea dyptc1B4732
04 salton sea dyptch
05  salton sea dyptch 2
06  salton sea dyptch 3
07 salton sea dyptch 3
08  salton sea dyptch
09  salton sea dyptch 4
10  salton sea dyptch
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