Jellies and the Sea

Written by J. E. Baron
Tuesday, 06 July 2010 19:54
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A lifelong fascination with the fluid shapes and translucent colors of jellyfish have inspired me to take countless images whenever visiting a large sea aquarium. Monterrey Bay Aquarium and the Waikiki Aquarium are two favorite places to view and photograph. Although I have taken images snorkeling in ocean settings my focus shifts from beauty and motion to self-preservation. It is always good to stay out of harm's way when enjoying the grandeurs of nature!


black and white jelly 18 x 24
black and white jelly 18 x 24
jellie trio 1
jelly cluster 2b
jelly cluster3done
moon jellies 1
oahu blue lip fish lge
oahu white jelly long
pin cushion jellies at
polka dot
vertical jellies
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