Written by J. E. Baron
Saturday, 18 September 2010 22:31
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For the past 38 summers in July the state of Iowa welcomes over 10,000 bicycle riders to cross their state as an organized party on two wheels.  Logistics alone seem daunting but the Desmoine Register organizes an event that encompasses the spirit of the heartland with an athletic event filled with live rock bands, abundant food and and endless corn fields.  This year we traveled from Sioux City to Dubuque in seven days. This event was similiar to the weaving of a fabric-the warp was the people and landscape of Iowa and the weft was the 10,000 plus riders coming from all over the world to ride across Iowa. For one week the warp and weft were woven together creating a fabric of multiple cultures and age groups experiencing Iowa's charming people and small town flavor.  Farmers in overalls chatted with investment bankers in spandex. It was a delight to see. 

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00 ragbrai portrait a_637_424_80
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06 iowa farm family a
07 iowa corn and red barn morning  a
08 old dairy farmer iowa a
09 old man and stuffed dog iowa
10 ragbrai party van a
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