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Written by J. E. Baron
Saturday, 18 September 2010 22:31
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For the past 38 summers in July the state of Iowa welcomes over 10,000 bicycle riders to cross their state as an organized party on two wheels.  Logistics alone seem daunting but the Desmoine Register organizes an event that encompasses the spirit of the heartland with an athletic event filled with live rock bands, abundant food and and endless corn fields.  This year we traveled from Sioux City to Dubuque in seven days. This event was similiar to the weaving of a fabric-the warp was the people and landscape of Iowa and the weft was the 10,000 plus riders coming from all over the world to ride across Iowa. For one week the warp and weft were woven together creating a fabric of multiple cultures and age groups experiencing Iowa's charming people and small town flavor.  Farmers in overalls chatted with investment bankers in spandex. It was a delight to see. 

00 ragbrai portrait a_637_424_80
00 ragbrai portrait a_637_424_80
02 talking politics-bikers and farmers a
04 iowa farmer on stationary bike a
05 the tennis shoes copy
06 iowa farm family a
07 iowa corn and red barn morning  a
08 old dairy farmer iowa a
09 old man and stuffed dog iowa
10 ragbrai party van a
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Wild West

Written by J. E. Baron
Monday, 08 November 2010 23:24
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stone ponies
teton barn pano
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Jellies and the Sea

Written by J. E. Baron
Tuesday, 06 July 2010 19:54
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A lifelong fascination with the fluid shapes and translucent colors of jellyfish have inspired me to take countless images whenever visiting a large sea aquarium. Monterrey Bay Aquarium and the Waikiki Aquarium are two favorite places to view and photograph. Although I have taken images snorkeling in ocean settings my focus shifts from beauty and motion to self-preservation. It is always good to stay out of harm's way when enjoying the grandeurs of nature!


black and white jelly 18 x 24
black and white jelly 18 x 24
jellie trio 1
jelly cluster 2b
jelly cluster3done
moon jellies 1
oahu blue lip fish lge
oahu white jelly long
pin cushion jellies at
polka dot
vertical jellies
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Written by J. E. Baron
Tuesday, 13 July 2010 21:47
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This series of images is part of an ongoing investigation with the concept of simplicity, which as it turns out can be very complicated. Black and white, simple composition and minimal story-telling are some of the ideas expressed here.  Though straight-forward in composition and minimal in color there are detailed patterns and textures within these shapes. Can I just 'keep it simple?'  

lamp and shadow1

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Light and Shadows

Written by J. E. Baron
Saturday, 19 June 2010 17:35
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There is nothing more exciting at any age than to be in the first row under the 'big top.'  Vivid color, dramatic shadows and a strong sense of theater combine to create a series of images that capture the energy of a circus.

circus clown
circus clown
circus clown 2
circus clown w umbrella
circus trapeze 1
circus tumbers 5
circus, flying woman
circus, green discs
circus, trampoline
circus- hoops action 4
circus-trapeze artis

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Just an Egg

Written by J. E. Baron
Saturday, 19 June 2010 17:28
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a white egg
a white egg
b Egg on light table 2
c cracked egg 3
d cracked egg
E  egg shadows
f Egg on light table
g fried egg blue 2
h fried egg
i Egg cracked reflection
j 3 eggs 3

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Washington, D.C.

Written by J. E. Baron
Wednesday, 16 June 2010 18:49
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Washington, D.C. was the center of action as the national health care reform legislation came down to the final vote.

DC 2010 don't debate
DC 2010 don't debate
DC 2010 women
DC Huskies for Choic
DC Immigration march
DC immigration- 2010
DC pre existing condition
DC window at Mt
DC-Marching band-rally
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Salton Sea

Written by J. E. Baron
Wednesday, 16 June 2010 17:50
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Bombay Beach, California was a resort town built  in the 1950's on the eastern shore of the Salton Sea. Once a thriving destination, lack of freshwater and industrial pollution has turned it into the town it is today. (source)

Gritty scenes of decrepit trailers and remnants of massive fish die-offs contrast the beautiful sunset over an expansive inland sea. These images are a series of diptychs that show the dual reality of of a beautiful, toxic body of water and the communities that struggle to survive on its shoreline.

01  Bombay Beach
01  Bombay Beach
01 sal sea trailer- fish
03  salton sea dyptc1B4732
04 salton sea dyptch
05  salton sea dyptch 2
06  salton sea dyptch 3
07 salton sea dyptch 3
08  salton sea dyptch
09  salton sea dyptch 4
10  salton sea dyptch
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Written by J. E. Baron
Saturday, 07 July 2007 01:54
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Salgal's life at 17 years old. Bones, skin, texture, and shadows.

This is a series of photographs taken within a month of Sal's death.  It is hard to say good-bye to such a dedicated and long-lived friend.  I wanted to try to capture her in a positive but truthful way as she began to step out of her life. The images focused on her ghost-like frailty yet also captured her determination to live another day. 

sal and her shadow 1
sal and her shadow 1
Sal at 17.5 No2
sal double
sal face b-w
Sal Gal at 17.25
Sal gal at 85- love that 40
salga 5- 2010-curled
salgal as ghost
salgal at 17
salgal double bw
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