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From Light to Ink

Written by J. E. Baron
Thursday, 29 July 2010 12:08
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The Printing Process

It takes lengthy screening of images and hours of studio time to prepare a photo for print. Today's large format printers showcase the high mega-pixel images produced by professional quality SLR cameras, revealing detail and depth that only medium format cameras could do a few years ago.  Printing is always a challenge since colors are being transformed from a transmissive medium (back-lit screens) to a reflective medium. I am currently printing with the Epson Professional large format 9880 printer. I favor the matte black ink which allows me to print on various canvases as well as a wide variety of cotton rag watercolor papers.

My camera and lenses are the backbone of my equipment.  I have used many types of cameras.  My current choice is the Canon 5D Mark 2 SLR camera with a number of the Canon L series lenses.

Photographing and printing is a process with many challenges along the way so it is satisfying to see the digital image become a printed work of art, an essential final form.



All of my prints are available with frames.  Standard choices include a clean, contemporary black frame or a wood grain frame in various wood finishes. Please inquire if you are interested in an image with a specific type of frame.

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