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The Corona Virus pandemic  has created a unique opportunity to slow down and appreciate a world  which has seen incredible change in the past 40  years . With a 'shelter-in-place' mandate encouraging quiet and reflective personal time I  have refreshed my website and  have focused on images photographed in remote areas of the world that are rich in ancient tradition.  Many are cultures that have chosen not to embrace the  fast-paced digital age yet have a unique and powerful contribution to make in today's world.

I received my fine art degree from the University of California at Irvine with a focus on printmaking. During that time I spent a semester at the Instituto de Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I got involved in textile design and pottery as well as painting. Natural raw materials were abundant in Mexico and the resulting creativity that sprang from such a culturally rich area fueled many years of exploration.

I continued with my art studies adding a 2 year degree in graphic design which involved extensive photography and dark room skills. After an additional 2 years at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, focusing on painting and illustration, I realized that photography was my preferred medium. It allowed me to express my creativity the most fully, incorporating the design and art skills I had acquired in school with a desire to explore and tell stories through photographic images. 

Sonoma County is my home of 40 years and it is where my career as a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer developed.  Teaching at Santa Rosa Junior College in the fine art department and participating in the Sonoma County Artrails Open Studio program for many years as well as being a resident artist at the Healdsburg center for the Arts allowed me a creative environment to express my ideas and share my passion to  'make pictures.'

Many cameras (film and digital) and thousands of travel miles later I am still inspired to photograph areas of the world that are at risk of disappearing.  




The digital age, the current pandemic and the challenges of climate change all threaten the existence of the many rich cultures that weave our beautiful world into one.

 2021 UPDATE

2021 was a year of world-wide change, ease of travel was challenged by international restrictions due to the Corona Virus pandemic. I think as a photographer who loves to travel this was a challenging obstacle. Discovery and creative inquiry can be explored close to home.... and as an avid gardener living in Luther Burbank's home town (Santa Rosa, CA)  I did not overlook the obvious. I live on several landscaped acres of indigenous plants and trees, a small Cabernet vineyard and flowers- both annuals and perennials. It is this  tiny landscape of texture, curves and colors I decided to explore. Three steps in front of me, three steps to my was all there!  For me,  it was a year to become intimate with the amazing details and colors of all things botanical. I chose to use a high resolution flatbed scanner to create a type of still life that plays with a shallow depth-of-field, unusual lighting and a phenomenal ability to capture the tiniest details . Similar to using a large format camera; it is large, heavy and limited to a small glass 'canvas'  but the image capture is breathtaking!

I have partnered with an excellent print and frame company and am offering an extensive selection of options for these prints. The challenge of what to print and how large is up to your imagination! Please go to the contact/purchase link to learn more about it.

© 2020   All rights reserved   Jane E . Baron

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